Spit Happens! A plea for Help to Save a Life

Anthony NolanFollowing on from Last Mondays most enjoyable meeting with Bootle, Crosby and District 163 – for which I must not only thank them most sincerely for their hospitality but also congratulate them on their initiatives…

BC&D are planning on running an Anthony Nolan Clinic during the two days of the Mathew Street Festival in Liverpool.

This is a big initiative and will involve a fair amount of organisation and effort. It does however promise the potential to reach hundreds if not thousands of new names for the ANT register.

If the registrations we take over the two days save but one life then surely that is a fantastic achievement we can all be proud of.

We know We Can do this, We Can make the difference!

What can I do? What do you want from me? I hear you ask…

First and foremost – and I can’t stress this enough – all help needs to be channelled through BC&D (contact details below) who will liaise with ANT and direct your efforts accordingly.

The clinics require the appropriate Permissions & Licenses and a Venue to run the clinic(s) over the two days.

If any of you have any influential contacts or acquaintances within the council or festival organisers then please contact BC&D first to discuss how you may be able to help assist in getting the licenses granted.

We also need a minimum of one venue to run the clinic over the festival weekend. So, if you have a venue or premises in mind then again, please contact BC&D who will co-ordinate the efforts and pool the possible venues together.

Gents, let us all get behind this initiative with the full force of Area 8 Tablers and give it our complete and total support.

Contact BC&Ds Secretary and your Area 8 Vice Chairman by selecting Vice Chairman on the Contact Us page.

Yours in Table

Mark Howard
Area 8 Chairman
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