Area 8 is one of the few remaining Areas in RTBI to organise an annual Rally – and it’s got to be one of the best! This page will hopefully answer any questions that you might have about Rally and give you an insight into what goes on. Scroll past the photos for more information.

What is Area Rally?

Area Rally is the Area Chairman’s party weekend. Traditionally organized by a Table, it’s now been taken over by Orme Productions who pulls off a fabulous weekend every year. A different theme is used each year, though the date is always the last weekend in January.

What happens at a typical Area 8 Rally?

After a welcome in the afternoon, Friday night is the formal do – posh frocks for the ladies and best bib and tucker for the men. Once we climb down from our chairs a 3 course dinner is followed by loads more dancing to a live band and disco ‘til the early hours. The dancing maybe interrupted by regular visits to the Port club – a pound a shot every hour on the hour!

Saturday daytime is spent doing whatever the Rallyers want – shopping, relaxing and, if there’s enough takers, a round of golf is arranged.

Saturday night is the highlight of the weekend – the fancy dress ball, complete with interruptions. The evening is themed, each table comes as a different act, and the question’s always ‘What have they come as?’ The best ones become apparent at the interruption when each table presents their act. These are followed by more dancing to another band, followed by the obligatory disco to the early hours.

Sunday lunch brings out the hats and suits, and lots of hoarse voices. Speeches are made, the highlight being the Area Vice Chairman’s first formal speech. Prizes are presented including the important ones for fancy dress and interruptions as voted for by each table, and then you can either head for home or spend an extra night trying to recover.

How do I find out more?

Contact the Area Chairman through the Contact Us page to find out more or to book in.