Leyland Round Table’s 52nd Charter Night

Leyland Round Table 665 are pleased to announce their 52nd Charter Night in conjunction with Leyland 41 Club.

Paul Morgan, Chairman of Leyland Round Table, has this to say about the event:

Distinguished Signori,

Don Morgan, Godfather of Mafia Leyland Round Table 665 and Don King, Godfather of Mafia Leyland 41 Club, have great pleasure in announcing their combined Charter Night on the evening of Friday 12th October at 7.30 for 8 at Wellington Park, Leyland.

The Charter, my brothers in arms, is where we recognise the good these two “Table Mafiosi” do for the local community and agree to continue their good work for a further year.

Respectful of the other Mafia clans in Area 8, we have organised a fabulous night for you. The highlights include:

  • Glass of Italian Prosecco on arrival
  • Opera from the old country will be piped while we congregate
  • Italian Meal with accompanying Italian wine and Italian liquor
  • Horse racing & betting between courses. I’m not going to tell you the horses running in advance in case anyone wants to nobble a horse by removing its head
  • There will be slurred & whispered speeches from the two Dons
  • The two “Dons” will have Grappa so they can order “shots” on anyone in the room
  • The Da Vinci Room will be made available at the end of the evening for late night Bruschetta

This event is black-tie. Moreover, slick-back hair, hats, white scarf event, and Sicilian accents should be used where possible. There will be a prize for the best dressed Mafioso, however, we do ask that you please leave your coats and violin cases at reception on arrival. Carriages and armoured 1928 Cadillacs for 1pm.

As this is a black-tie event, you are expected to kiss the ring of your “The Don” on arrival.

All this for only £25. Guests are welcome, and this event is sure to be a sell out, so please book in with your Don soon to guarantee a place, or call Paul on 07932 934 412 or Craig on 07515 458 832.


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