As you were aware Area 8 held its AGM on Friday 25th April. As your New Area Chairman I would like to introduce to you the Area Exec therefore if you have any information or need help with any matters or events that you would like to be published around Area then you know who best to contact.

Area Chairman- Andrew Dooley- Woolton 1282.
Area Vice Chairman- Phil Bradshaw- Southport Hesketh 1199.
Area Secretary- Tony Thwaite- Woolton 1282.
Area Treasurer- Malcolm Mair- Southport Hesketh 1199.
Area Sports- Paul Welsby- Woolton 1282.
Area Membership Media & PR- Antony Seddon- Liverpool 8.
Area IRO/CLSO- Shaun Gritton- Rushen 1072.
Immediate Past Chairman- Richard Gormely- Liverpool 8.
Area President- Steven Rimmer- Southport Hesketh 1199.

Just to inform you, Area fees where voted on to be £15 for the year and I am sure Malcolm will be in touch in the near future to arrange payment.

I would be grateful if you could forward me your table diaries to me so I can attend as many of your events as possible.


Andrew Dooley
Area 8 Chairman

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